Selfie feature…

Hey there…

People take selfies.

It’s kinda awkward.  Pushing the button while you hold your phone far from you is a clunky experience.  Some phones can take a picture on voice command.  I love this.

Sometimes you’re at a noisy place:

You’re in a club and everyone’s bumping into you.  You wanna take a selfie.  The voice command can’t pick you up over the thumping Deadmau5.  Holding the phone from you precariously poised on a thumb while you try to reach your ‘take a pic’ button is risky.

Luckily, your phone app has:


Dude, you can wink at your phone and it takes a pic?


What’s that app called? That’s so cool.

I know right?

(I’m busy working on other things, so let’s see when this feature emerges)

Peace and love.



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